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Which Rambler 6×6 Penthouse is Right for Me?

By Cristina

Here at Rambler, we understand that finding the perfect living situation for you and your roommates can make or break your year, which is why we offer so many different floor plan arrangements.

If you have a large group of friends you just can’t live without, we have the perfect solution for you. Our 6×6 penthouses, The Oasis, The Mirage, The Cosmico, and The Palm are all thoughtfully designed for living with a large group.

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To help you decide what makes the most sense for your group, we’ve written this article to compare and contrast the penthouses for you.

Comparing the Rambler Penthouses

Each penthouse at Rambler features:

  • Two entries (one per floor)
  • Two sets of washer and dryer (one set per floor)
  • Two refrigerators
  • Two dishwashers
  • Six spacious bedrooms
  • Ensuite bathroom for every room
  • Two sinks in each bathroom (with the exception of The Palm)
  • Two livings spaces (one per floor), each furnished with
    • Smart TV
    • Couch
    • Accent chairs
    • Bar seating
  • 7th-floor terrace overlooking Austin

The Oasis

Rambler's six bedroom, six bathroom penthouse, The Oasis.

Square feet: 2,993

Number of Windows: 14

The Oasis is not only the largest of Rambler’s six-person penthouses, but it is the largest unit in the entire building.

The Oasis’ open concept is noticeable as soon as you walk in. On both floors, you’ll notice the mirror-like layout with the bedrooms along both sides of the common spaces.

From the front door you have the stairs to your right, the kitchen to your left, and one of the living rooms straight ahead that leads to the balcony. The large windows allow for plenty of natural light and the living area has enough seating for all of your roommates and guests to enjoy.

Bedrooms B, C, E, and F come with a window and wooden shades, allowing you to let in as much natural light as you want. Bedrooms A and D have added lighting in the room to brighten up the space, and are larger than some of the other rooms. 

There are two units of The Oasis both about equidistant from the elevators, however, one balcony faces north and the other east.

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The Cosmico

TH3 - The Cosmico, Level 1 and 2

Square feet: 2,872

Number of Windows: 14

The Cosmico features a very similar layout to The Oasis, however with a more efficient layout.

The Cosmico offers some of the most beautiful views at Rambler, with east-facing views of the UT tower and campus or west-facing views of the hill country. The layout of the Cosmico is very similar to the Oasis in that it is very symmetrical. When you walk in, you can immediately see through the entire floor with the open concept connected kitchen and living room, but enough space between the two to make the rooms feel separate. The stairs are right next to the front door and all of the bedrooms surround this open space.

The second floor gives the same spacious feeling as you enter the second living room. The bedrooms are along the sides of both living rooms making sure to create separation between the common areas and the privacy of the rooms.

In the Cosmico, bedrooms B, C, E, and F come with a window and wooden shades, allowing you to let in as much natural light as you want. Bedrooms A and D have added lighting in the room to brighten up the space, and are larger than some of the other rooms. 

There are three Cosmico units located in different spots allowing you to pick where in the building you’d like to be located.

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The Mirage

TH2 - The Mirage - Levels 1 and 2

Square feet: 2,703

Number of Windows: 14

The Mirage is one of the two penthouse floor plans that offer windows in every bedroom. There is only one Mirage unit available in the entire building, so act fast. The Mirage is located on a corner, allowing for windows distributed throughout the space.

The entrance to the Mirage has a nice little nook perfect for a credenza and decorations. The stairs are located immediately to the right, the washer and dryer straight ahead, and there’s a small hall in between that leads to the rest of the floor. From the entrance, you enter into the large connected kitchen and living room with the balcony straight ahead, and three bedrooms along either side.

On the second floor of this unit, you enter straight into the living room again with three bedrooms along the sides. The back of the living room has an overlook onto the floor below allowing the spaces to still be connected, even on different floors.

Each room in this unit comes with a window and wooden shades, allowing you to let in as much natural light as you’d like. The Mirage is at a perfect distance from the elevator lobby so you won’t hear much commotion.

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The Palm


Square feet: 2,949

Number of Windows: 14

The Palm is the second largest penthouse and also offers windows in every bedroom. There is only one Palm unit available in the entire building, so act fast. 

The Palm has a long hallway immediately to the left of the entrance on both floors giving you and your roommates more than enough space to personalize the walls and make it a home. Entering this unit, the kitchen and living room are straight ahead and close enough so you’ll never miss a beat in this roomy space.

An immediate distinction between The Palm and the other penthouses is that every bedroom contains windows allowing every roommate to enjoy the natural light in their own room. The first and second-floor layouts are virtually the same, however, on the second floor, the living room practically ends before the bedrooms start helping to cancel out as much noise as possible.

Bedrooms A and D are the largest in this unit, but the other bedrooms make up for this by having slightly larger bathrooms. Each room in this unit comes with a window and wooden shades, allowing you to let in as much natural light as you’d like.

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Similarities and Differences

Unit Size and Layout

Representative rendering of The Oasis' kitchen and living area.

Representative rendering of The Oasis’ kitchen and living area.

In order from largest to smallest, The Oasis is first, followed by The Palm, The Cosmico, and The Mirage with the largest difference being 290 square feet. 

In each penthouse, each bedroom is an ensuite meaning it will have an attached bathroom to make it that much easier to maintain privacy. Most bathrooms will have one shower/tub combo, two sinks, and elongated mirrors. Bedrooms A and D in The Palm will only have one sink. 

Each bedroom comes with a queen bed, study desk and chair, two under-bed dresser drawers, and two closets. Each penthouse also comes with two refrigerators, two washer/dryer units, and tons of storage to serve every roommate.

Balconies and Views

Site plan of Rambler's 7th floor.

Site plan of Rambler’s 7th floor.

Because each penthouse is two floors, they are all located on floors seven and eight, allowing the views to not be obscured. The balconies are all on the seventh floor and there are eight penthouses in total to give views in almost every direction. 

If you’re looking for east views toward campus, there are The Cosmico, The Mirage, and two options for The Oasis. If you enjoy views of West Campus and hill country, there is The Palm and two options for The Cosmico. Last, but definitely not least, there is one option to face north with our last Oasis unit.

Windows and Location

As stated before, the penthouses are only seen on Rambler’s highest floors, granting you and your roommates separation from the in and out traffic of the amenities on the first floors. 

The Mirage is the only unit that exists as a corner unit, while the others are placed along the hallways. 

Each penthouse has at least 12 windows, allowing the space to be filled with natural light.

We hope this article helps you decide which 6×6 penthouse at Rambler is right for you and your roommates. 

For up-to-date pricing and availability, visit our floorplan pages. Plus, check out our site plan to see where each unit is located within the building.

If you have any questions about our penthouses or anything else Rambler has to offer, don’t hesitate to contact the leasing staff who would love to be of some assistance! 


Cristina is the Lease Up Specialist for Rambler. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland.

August 16, 2022

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