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Everything You Need to Know About the 6×6 Penthouses at Rambler

By Ian Swint

Living with your closest friends can easily be one of the best experiences that you take away from your years at the University of Texas. Whether you’re cooking dinner together in your kitchen or laughing at your favorite TV shows on your couch, the time you share with your roommates is what many people (including myself) love the most about college.

But when it comes to living in West Campus, it can be pretty difficult to find an apartment that can comfortably accommodate a large group of students.

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Luckily, Rambler offers an array of spacious floor plans, the largest of which are the six-person penthouses. Because this is such a unique floor plan, Rambler’s leasing team receives many questions about penthouse-style living. To help you get acquainted with Rambler’s penthouse units, we’ve created this guide of some of the most important features that make these floor plans stand out.

Rambler's six bedroom, six bathroom penthouse, The Oasis.

Rambler’s six bedroom, six bathroom penthouse, The Oasis.

8 Things UT Students Should Know About Rambler’s Six-Person Penthouses

1. Bedroom Sizes

One of the best perks of the penthouse units is the massive bedroom size. Plus, with two closets, you’ll have plenty of room to store your entire wardrobe. And with all the extra square footage, you can bring your favorite furniture pieces from home to make the space your own.

2. Queen Beds

In a traditional 6×6 unit, each bedroom comes with a full-sized bed. However, in the penthouse units, each bedroom includes a queen bed. You won’t be able to find this at most new developments in West Campus, since they typically only come with full-sized beds.

girl jumping onto bed

3. Double-vanity Bathroom

Every penthouse bedroom also has its own attached bathroom, and every bathroom (with the exception of rooms A and D in The Palm) has two sinks. This way, you have more than enough space to get ready for work, class, or a night out.

4. Two Living Rooms

Each penthouse floor plan features two living rooms (one on each floor). Each floor has its own entrance for added convenience. The heightened ceilings with large windows allows for ample natural light to flood the common areas on both floors. The second level of each apartment even has an additional ledge that overlooks the space below, making it a perfect bonus study spot. Because the thoughtful layout is spread across two floors, you aren’t truly sacrificing any of the space you’d have in a typical shared apartment.

Representative rendering of living rooms at Rambler. Pictured here is The Oasis.

5. Double Appliances

Both floors in every penthouse also have their own washer and dryer units. As for the kitchen, the double appliances (two fridges and two dishwashers) provide ample space for each roommate.

6. Fully-furnished Balcony

Each penthouse features a spacious fully-furnished terrace balcony that can serve as a great location to relax with friends. With the additional square footage, you’ll never run out of spaces to entertain.

girl on balcony

7. Best Views

To top off the penthouse lifestyle living, each unit is located on floors seven and eight, the highest in the property. With better views and ample sunshine, you’ll live in one of the best spots in Rambler.

8. Suits Any Lifestyle

One of the best things about the penthouse units is their versatility. Whether you enjoy constant entertainment surrounded by people, or quiet alone time in your bedroom, the penthouses can serve anybody’s needs. The two large living rooms are perfect for hosting a watch party, student org meeting, or a girl’s night. The extra-large bedrooms offer a perfect retreat to relax and create your home-away-from-home feeling.

For an in-depth explanation of The Oasis penthouse, check out this walk-through tour from our leasing team.


We hope that this article has helped you learn more about penthouse-style living and the many perks of choosing a six-person penthouse at Rambler.

With only a limited number of these penthouse options available, contact the Rambler leasing team or schedule a tour at our leasing office for answers to any further questions or to secure your penthouse! Plus, check out our article What Happens on a Tour to help you get the most out of your tour at Rambler.

Ian Swint headshot, Leasing Manager at Rambler ATX

Ian Swint

Ian is the Leasing Manager for Rambler. In 2023, he will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Louisiana State University at Alexandria.

November 16, 2022

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