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5 Student Apartments Near UT Austin with Double Occupancy Rooms

By Cristina

Many people will tell you that living in a dorm and sharing a bedroom and bathroom is a rite of passage that everyone should experience during their time at college. But at the University of Texas at Austin, 92% of students live off-campus. This means that the ‘dorm experience’ isn’t a reality for most UT students.

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However, many student apartments in West Campus, including Rambler, offer double occupancy floor plans, which is a great option whether you’re looking for a classic ‘college experience’ or you’re searching for a more budget-friendly student housing option.

What is double occupancy (or a shared room)?

When looking for an apartment, the occupancy of a room refers to how many people live in it. Therefore, single occupancy means you have your own room, and double occupancy means you share a room.

A furnished double occupancy room will typically have two beds and two closets, plus two desks, two nightstands, or two of any other furniture items the apartment complex provides in a single occupancy room. Some floor plans even have perks like divider walls that give each roommate a bit more privacy.

Generally, the two roommates in a double occupancy room share a bathroom. Many purpose-built student apartments account for this by including convenient features such as double sinks or extra storage space.

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One major reason that a double occupancy apartment can be a fantastic choice is the price point. The rental rate per person is frequently significantly lower than a single occupancy room, meaning that opting for a shared bedroom is one way that many UT students make living in a high-end apartment in West Campus more affordable.

5 Off-Campus Apartments that Offer Shared Bedrooms for UT Austin Students

1. Villas on Rio

Photo courtesy of Villas on Rio.

Villas on Rio has pod-style double occupancy in their 2×2 and 3×3 floor plans.

This apartment also offers mixed occupancy options, meaning that there are single occupancy and double occupancy rooms in the same unit. Mixed occupancy is available in their 3×3 townhome (one double occupancy room and four roommates total) or a 4×4 (two double occupancy rooms and six roommates total).

For more information about this community, check out our review of Villas on Rio.

2. The Standard

Photo courtesy of Landmark Properties.

The Standard has a 2×2 double occupancy option and multiple 1×1 double occupancy floor plans available.

For more information about this apartment, check out our review of The Standard at Austin.

3. HillTop

Photo courtesy of Entrata, Inc.

HillTop has a double occupancy 1×1 floor plan. They also offer mixed occupancy in select 4×4 and 5×5 units, meaning that one bedroom is double occupancy and the rest are single occupancy.

Be sure to check out our review of HillTop for more information on the property.

4. Torre

Building exterior of Torre, a student housing apartment in West Campus Austin, at night.

Photo courtesy of GMH Communities.

Torre offers a 2×2 double occupancy floor plan. They also have mixed occupancy options in their 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4 townhomes.

5. Rambler

The Sepia is Rambler's two bedroom, two bathroom, double occupancy apartment in Austin, TX.

The Sepia is Rambler’s two bedroom, two bathroom, double occupancy unit, perfect for sharing with three friends.

Rambler offers a double-occupancy 2×2 floor plan, The Sepia, for anyone looking for a shared bedroom and bathroom.

This budget-friendly layout is a great alternative for UT students considering dorm-style living. While it has a shared bedroom and bathroom, this setup boasts a large privacy wall that virtually makes it feel like you have your own room.

Selecting this double occupancy floor plan also includes the perks of living in an apartment such as a kitchen with full-size appliances, an in-unit washer and dryer, and a private living room for you and your three roommates.

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We hope that this guide has helped you identify a few of the options available to UT students looking for a double-occupancy apartment in West Campus. If you have any questions about double occupancy rooms at Rambler or West Campus living in general, contact our leasing team!


Cristina is the Lease Up Specialist for Rambler. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland.

August 09, 2022

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