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How to Convince My Parents to Let Me Live at Rambler

By Krystal

So, you’ve decided that Rambler is the perfect apartment for you and you’re ready to sign your lease… but you still have to convince your parents.

At Rambler, our leasing team has helped hundreds of students sign leases, and understand that finding the perfect student apartment for you in West Campus can be a tiring process.

For this reason, we’ve provided a guide to help you convince your parents to let you sign a lease with us.

Convincing Your Parents about Rambler

Do your Homework

When you bring up living at Rambler to your parents, be sure that you’ve done your research on other West Campus properties. Be prepared to back up your decision with stats on other buildings, be it their amenities, pricing, location, etc.

We have many building reviews on our website, including Waterloo, Villas on Rio and The Standard.

Rambler Exterior

Know the Benefits

What do you love about Rambler? Is it the floor plans, the amenities, or the location? Is it all three? Make an extensive list of why Rambler is the place for you. If you need guidance on where to start, read our article on the six reasons to live at Rambler.

Here are some examples we’ve heard from future residents:

  • It’s really close to the Moody School of Communications
  • It’s next to your sorority house
  • The bedrooms are spacious
  • You get free coffee for the rest of the lease up season, leading up to move-in
  • It’s a mid-rise, so it offers a more tight-knit community feel
Daydreamer Coffee

Rambler has an on-site coffee shop, Daydreamer Cafe, featuring hand-mixed coffee drinks, matcha and artisan pastries.

Anticipate their Questions

With new developments comes a lot of questions. In order to instill confidence in your parents that Rambler is the best place to live next year, we’ve made a list of common questions we get from parents about the property:

  • Will the building be finished on time? What happens if it’s not?
  • How much will it cost? Not just rent, but what other fees will I have to pay?
  • What is parking like? Where will you park if the garage is sold out?
      • Rambler offers both private parking and tandem parking. If parking is sold out by the time you sign a lease, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to parking near UT Austin to help you find a garage that works best for you.
  • Why do you need to live in a new building? What about the ones already built?
    • Living in a new building has many benefits, including a fresh start, updated security and a sense of community. Read our article on the 5 Benefits of Living in a Newly Constructed Apartment and pick out the top few benefits that resonate with you and your parents.
  • What are the safety features? What does security look like?
    • Here at Rambler, safety is a top priority. Rambler is a controlled access building with secure parking. We have a fob system with electronic key locks to units and amenities throughout the complex, as well as deadbolts included on your front door. We also have complex-wide video monitoring capabilities.

By having answers to these common questions, you’ll help ease any of your parents potential concerns. Still looking for answers? Check out our FAQ, where we answer all of our most-asked questions.

Representative rendering of living rooms at Rambler. Pictured here is The Oasis.

Representative rendering of living rooms at Rambler. Pictured here is The Oasis.

Talk to your Parents!

After you’ve done some outside research, made your list of benefits, and thought of any other potential questions or concerns your parents may ask, it’s time to sell! Here is a template for the conversation:

Hey [Mom/Dad]!

Next year, my friends and I really want to live at Rambler next year. It’s a new development that’s only a block from UT campus. I picked Rambler because:

[Examples, pick or add your own!]

  • As a new development, the security is up-to-date with the latest technology
  • I love the design aesthetic! I can’t wait to live in such a perfectly curated space.
  • Everything is new, so I won’t have to worry about appliances not working or furniture being worn down
  • It’s location is perfect for me, it’s really close to all of my classes
  • Etc. Add your own reasons here!

The floor plan I’m looking at, [insert floor plan name here], is only [insert rent price here] per month which includes furniture, amenities, basic utilities and security. We picked this floor plan for the following reasons:

[Examples, pick or add your own!]

  • We all get a window in our bedroom
  • It’s the most affordable option for our group
  • It has a balcony
  • It’s located right by the elevators / gym / [other amenity]
  • Etc. Add your own reasons here!

After looking at some other rental rates around West Campus, this price point is in line with the market for this type of property. They also list all the additional costs on their website so we can get a complete idea of financials.

Rambler has so many amenities: a yoga studio, spin room and fitness center, a pool, tons of study spaces including private study rooms, and an on-site coffee shop, Daydreamer!

Think about all the money I’ll save on a gym membership every month since they have a 24-hour two-story gym and a spin studio. And with all of the study spaces, I can study at night without having to walk home in the dark.

Plus, when I sign my lease, I’ll get free [insert your Daydreamer drink of choice] from Daydreamer at the leasing office for the rest of the year!

The building is a new development, but they have a move-in guarantee on their website that explains how they are on schedule with construction. They also included an addendum in the lease that explains what will happen if for some reason the building isn’t completed on time.

How does this sound to you? If you have any more questions or concerns, we can look through their website together. They have an extensive section of resources covering everything we might need to know about the property.

We hope this article gave you a helpful guideline on how to convince your parents to live at Rambler. If you want more advice or have questions about Rambler, contact our leasing team! We are more than happy to help you!

Krystal Brown | Marketing Intern at Rambler


Krystal is a Leasing & Marketing Assistant for Rambler. She is a senior majoring in Psychology at the University of Texas.

November 30, 2022

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