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How Much Do Utilities Cost at a West Campus Apartment?

By Ellen

When choosing an apartment for the upcoming year, one of the biggest factors to consider is the total amount your apartment will cost you each month. Apartment websites often display base rental rates, but your actual monthly expenses will be higher due to additional fees like utilities, parking, and pet charges. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand and factor in these extra costs to budget accurately.

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At Rambler, we have helped hundreds of students find their home for the school year. To ensure you’re well-informed about the leasing process and overall costs involved, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide on utility fees, their calculation, and their impact on your overall expenses.

In this article, answer a few FAQs, including:

Cost of Utilities at Student Apartments near UT Austin

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For most student housing apartments in West Campus, all utilities are included in your rental rate outside of electricity and water. These utilities may include gas, sewage and internet/cable.

How are utility costs calculated?

Electricity and water are typically sub-metered for each apartment and billed on a monthly basis.

The cost of electricity and water for your apartment will be divided among you and your roommates either equally or based on individual usage, as determined by the apartment complex.

What is the average monthly cost of utilities?

Once utility costs are divided amongst roommates, this charge can range from approximately $15 to $70 depending on usage and the apartment complex.

Utility costs can vary significantly between apartments and may even exceed this range. To get a more accurate estimate, inquire about the average monthly utility expenses for the specific properties you’re considering during your apartment tours.

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How will utility costs be billed?

Utility charges are billed separately from rent payments. Typically, student apartments assess utility fees at the end of each month based on usage. These charges are often managed through a third-party billing platform or service.

For example, Rambler utilities will be billed monthly via ConService. ConService coordinates with the utility company to collect your grand total and split that price evenly between all your roommates. This way, you don’t have to worry about who is paying which month or who you’ll need to Venmo.

We hope this article gives you a better understanding of the costs associated with living at an off-campus student apartment. If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about Rambler, please contact our leasing staff! We are more than happy to help in your search for housing.

Ellen | Rambler Marketing Intern


Ellen is a Marketing Intern for Rambler. She is a junior at the University of Texas, majoring in Communications and Leadership, with a minor in Business.

November 22, 2023

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