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Top 3 Tips for Decorating a Room Without a Window

By Payton DeMarco

If you are a student living in West Campus, you probably know that not every bedroom at student housing apartments have windows. While this is a great way to save money on rent, you might be wondering, how can I find an alternative to natural light in a windowless bedroom?

At Rambler, our windowless bedrooms feature additional recess lighting to maximize the light in your space. However, there are also plenty of other ways to enhance a windowless space.

To help you make the most out of your space, we’re sharing our top three tips to decorating a room with no window.

Tips for Decorating a Windowless Bedroom

1. Lamps


girl reading in bed

Lamps are a great choice for rooms without windows. They provide additional ambient light and control over how much light you have in your room at all times.

Whether you want to invest in a table lamp, floor lamp or a hanging lamp, you can find different variations and styles to fit your personal aesthetic. You can even incorporate color and patterns with a fun lamp shade!

2. Reflective Surfaces


two roommates in mirror

Reflective surfaces are also great additions to any room. A mirror can transform your desk from a study spot to a vanity area in the blink of an eye. Pairing your lamp and mirror together will open up your space and give the illusion of a larger space!

You can incorporate a full-length mirror for outfit checks, or include wall mirrors to serve as wall decor. With endless shapes and sizes, you can pick and choose whatever suits your space best.

3. Additional Decor


Rambler ATX decor close up

Lastly, with all of the extra wall space, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to express yourself with decoration. Whether it be with paintings, pictures or plants, there are plenty of ways to show off your personal style with that extra space.

We hope this article gave you some inspiration on how to decorate your room at Rambler. If you have any questions or want to learn more, reach out to the Rambler leasing staff, who are happy to help you in your housing search.

Payton DeMarco

Payton is an Associate Designer at LV Collective.

November 23, 2022

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